Sunday, August 2, 2009

James and his classmates went on a hike, and first let me explain a chinese "hike" actually means that some one built steps on a mountain side, and all you have to do is climb the steps up the mountain, and then go back down them. It really is like an insane stair-stepper. This particular hike had 7,000 steps.

One of James' good friends Tad got married this weekend and I was a little nervous and excited when they asked me to do their wedding cake. In the end, it was a lot of fun! However, it did take a considerable amount of time, and I would never ever charge anyone to do this. But I think that I would like to make cakes for friends and family. I just think that it is more fun that way. I did such a big cake because they were expecting 150 people, however, they didn't quite have that many which meant a lot of leftovers. This whole week, my entire apartment smelled like a chocolate factory, and my neighbors teased me for making them crave chocolate. The cake is chocolate with some small chocolate chips added in the batter, with raspberry filling. And yes, all of the truffles are handmade. Some of them are chocolate, and some peanut butter dipped in chocolate. It was delicious, but I think that my chocolate craving is finally filled. . .probably for the next month.