Monday, November 15, 2010

Baby Pottying

We cloth diaper Everett most of the time, and occasionally potty him. Before, I was pottying him several times a day and changing 3-4 cloth diapers a day. But now, I occasionally potty him and change several cloth diapers a day. He is in disposable diapers when we go out on day trips, and at night. He is a heavy wetter, I have tried cloth diapering at night but always have to change it in the middle of the night because it is so soaked, so I put him in disposables at night for my sanity. I would love to potty him more, but it really just depends on what we have going on that day, and how much homework I have. Anyway, we think he does look super cute on his potty!


Vera said...

Glad to see you finally made some posts on the blog. We need more to keep up with you while in China. Hope all is well, I'll skype later as I was in a meeting when you called yesterday.

NJones said...

Love this picture! Is pottying (a verb?) part of the Chinese culture? In Kenya they didn't put babies in diapers unless they were going out, but I don't remember seeing a potty seat. Well, they just used a hole in the ground, so maybe they just held the baby over the hole!

April said...

Baby Pottying is a big part of the culture here, most Chinese moms see diapers as hard to un-train when the babies are older. We wanted to try it to save money on diapers, but it is a full time thing, so we just do it when we have time to (I say "we" because even James loves to potty him, he was very skeptical at first, but he prefers to potty over changing his diaper lol!).

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